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Curriculum Offer

The documents below represent an overview of our curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

Our spiral curriculum ensures that key skills are revisited and embedded at different points on our pupils educational journey. This spiral curriculum has been carefully designed for the context our school, our intent is to provide a carefully planned framework of education, unique and evolving to meet the specific needs of our setting and the pupils in our care, which enables every person to flourish in the widest sense.

We run ‘vertical drivers’ alongside our core curriculum. Linked to our contextual needs we explore opportunities for Courageous Advocacy; Our Values, Diversity; The Environment; Staying Safe and Our Place in the World, in all our core topics in every year group. The skills, knowledge and understanding gained at each stage of school makes our pupils ready for their next stage of learning and life.

All pupils will be supported to reach their potential and are exposed to a wide range of experiences, skills and knowledge to shape them into successful learners. Our high expectation of our pupils encourages them to be ambitious and to persevere to achieve their full potential. We develop a sense of pride in self, in our accomplishments and in our schools which shapes us all.

This is supported by our Christian ethos, our British Values, and the SMSC and PSHE & RSE curriculum, all of which threads through the wider curriculum and is reflected by our attitudes to learning and each other. We ensure that all children have access to the curriculum at an appropriate level regardless of gender, ability, special needs and ethnicity.

The vision for our school and our curriculum intent is discussed and reviewed regularly by our school community.